Medis donates over 430,000 tablets of Paracetamol Azevedos to Mozambican hospitals

14 June, 2022

In Mozambique, in order to face the limitations in the supply chain imposed by the pandemic of COVID-19, Azevedos Group managed to anticipate the crisis period and stocked extra quantities of raw materials to ensure that there would never be a shortage of essential medicines.

However, in the case of Paracetamol Azevedos 1 gram, demand was much lower than supply and resulted in a surplus stock, which Azevedos Group, through Medis, has now made sure to reach those who need it most.

Twenty-four thousand packages were thus distributed to the main Mozambican public hospitals, from north to south of the country. These include the Maputo, Beira and Nampula Central Hospitals; the Mavalane and José Macamo General Hospitals; and the Maputo and Xai-Xai Provincial Hospitals, as well as the Ilha de Moçambique District Hospital, which was recently devastated by Cyclone Gombe and where a large campaign to vaccinate children against polio is underway.

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